Workers World: “Protests across U.S. hit Trump’s attack on Palestine”

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My first dispatch to Workers World, on the subject of the December 8th, 2017 protests in Philadelphia against President Trump’s decision to move the US embassy in Occupied Palestine from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

After many years of reading Workers World, it’s kinda surreal to see my name listed as one of the contributors. I couldn’t be prouder of our Philadelphia comrades, and that my first dispatch to WW was about how our city stands with Palestine.

This is a great roundup of all the many protests in response to Trump’s decision to formally move the US embassy in occupied Palestine from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.Thousands and thousands of people across the country snapped into action and scheduled massive protests with less than 48 hours notice. You’ll notice that despite this being a huge, organized, nationwide demonstration, there is scandalously little coverage of this in the bourgeois media. The ruling class, Republican and Democrat, roundly supports the further colonization of the region and subjugation of the Palestinians.


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